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Safe trucks

We have the best trails to provide you with a professional and unique experience.

Containers with lots of space

Our containers are ready and prepared to carry whatever you need.

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All our trucks are equipped with a safe unloading option.

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Transportation Services

By leveraging our in-depth understanding of market conditions (hard-earned knowledge we have developed over decades of business), AAE Trucking Services Inc offers thoughtful and comprehensive asset-based trucking services throughout North America.

Dry Vans

Our large fleet of dry vans is always ready to get your freight where it needs to go. Trailer group opportunities are available for large regular shipments. FTL, LTL and hot loads.

Why choose us?

Dedicated transportation service professionals to handle all questions and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safe, professional drivers who receive ongoing, scheduled technical and safety training to ensure the safe and proper transportation of your valuable cargo.

Clean and reliable fleet, which means better fuel economy, lower emissions, less risk of breakdowns and presentation.

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